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Heat Pump PTAC Units. A packaged terminal heat pump (PTAC heat pump) is perfect for adding both heating and cooling to an individual room or area in both …

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A condensing boiler is one of the most efficient types of boiler. This is because it is able to recover virtually all the heat from the flue gases and use this to heat your home. For the boiler to work at its most efficient, the heat exchanger needs to be equal to or below the dew point temperature.

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When the building was disconnected from the original steam piping loop and a new steam boiler installed, the lowest level of condensate return pipes was located such that steam condensate in this home would not return by gravity to the steam boiler. So the condensate pump had a second life, continuing in service to return condensate not to Vassar's steam system but locally, to the in-home steam boiler, by piping returning condensate up, across the basement, and down to the new steam boiler.

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One is the primary condensation drain pipe where the water should continuously drain the condensation during the cooling season and in the winter heating season if you have a high efficiency condensing furnace. In the summer it is possible these drains could get clogged up. Normally what clogs these condensation drain pipes is algae and crud growing in the pipe.

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A condensing boiler captures some of the heat from these gases and uses it to heat water returning from your central heating system. It therefore requires less heat from the burner and is more efficient. All new modern boilers are condensing boilers. So if you are thinking of replacing an old boiler with a new one, you will be buying a new


Commercial Hydronic Boilers. Fulton offers a full range of condensing hydronic boiler products for the commercial heating market, including dual-fuel options. Our ultra-high efficiency condensing boilers are designed to provide significant energy savings in a variety of environmental conditions.

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Celebrating 50 years of rugged, dependable commercial and multi-family HVAC systems. Ease of maintenance and repair. Individual comfort. Superior efficiency. Easily customized for your project. Experienced support staff. Modular replaceable parts.

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Aug 13, 2018 · Condensing boilers cool the exhaust gas so much that they can be vented with CPVC or Polypropylene (plastic) pipe, instead of the steel venting required by conventional boilers. They produce cooler exhaust because the extra heat has been harvested and transferred to …

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The cooling water is usually sprayed into the exhaust steam in a closed vessel to cause rapid condensation. In a power station the condensate is returned to the boiler and must be absolutely pure. If a jet condenser were used the cooling water, which is mixed with the condensate would have to …

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Chiller systems also require boilers to make hot water for the heating cycle. A two pipe system either cools or heats and a system changeover must occur to go from cooling to heating. In the cooling cycle, the one pipe supplies the cold water while the other pipe returns the warmed water (warmed by passing through the cooling coils with air

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More Information. Properly managed condensate treatment improves reduces scale-forming tendency of the boiler feedwater resulting in cleaner heat transfer surfaces and eliminates the potential for boiler tube failures. Based on the purity needs, direct or indirect steam applications, regulatory requirements, or process needs, several different

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Oct 24, 2016 · The morning temperatures are in the low 40s and the days get to the high 60s. Condensing boilers with properly applied temperature reset schedules and the right mix of terminal units should have lower heating hot water supply temperatures and boiler return temperatures below 130°F. 'Tis the season for condensing boilers …

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How Do Condensing Boilers Work? Condensing boilers heat homes by burning gas or oil as fuel. When this is done, water vapour is released as a by-product and instead of being wasted and released through the flue, a condensing boiler recovers this latent heat; passing it through their heat exchanger which then cools and condenses it back into a liquid form (i.e. condensate).

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Versol Steam boiler monobloc, with reverse flame (pressurized combustion), pressure 11.8 bar (on request also 14.7 bar), high efficiency, equipped with wide furnace with wet back, dry saturated steam thanks to an effective humidity separator placed before the outlet.Easy maintenance thanks to the big front door and to the bolted smoke chamber totally dismountable.

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