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Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages for a BOQ


All 40 years of m y working lif e, I spent on erection of diff erent process plants most of which were oil indus try projects in the country and abroad, in Europe and North Africa. Since 1978 with occasional interruptions because of simultaneous involvement in several different projects, I worked mostly on technical calculations. I have made

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The burners for your atmospheric gas boiler can be round as shown in the photo to the left, ribbon type burners that flat-looking, or the cast iron type burners on older boilers which are very rugged and durable and will likely last for the life of the boiler. All these types of burners …


If the price bid has been given as a standard BoQ format with the tender document, then the same is to be downloaded and to be filled by all the bidders. ANNUAL CLEANING AND INSPECTION OF BOILER - K 479, K 480 & K 607 THIS DOCUMENT TO BE SIGNED AND STAMPED BY BIDDER ON ALL PAGES AND SUBMITTED ALONG WITH THE E-TENDER SCOPE OF WORK


1 Boiler (HARBIN BOILER) 4 4 2 Scanner Fan 8 8 3 PA Fan 12 8 4 FD Fan 8 8 5 ID Fan 8 8 6 Seal Air Fan 8 8 7 Air Preheater 8 8 8 Elevator 2 5 9 ESP +Fabric Filter 4 4 10 DG set (Cummins make) 2 3 11 DG set (Cummins make) 7 0 12 Mill (Boul Mill) 16 20 13 Generator 4 4 14 Turbine (DONGFONG) 4 4

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These documents include the Drawings, BOQ, Schedules and Specifications. Any discrepancies between these documents are to be brought to the immediate attention of UNOPS Engineer. No 1.00 - 24 Electrical water boiler with capacity of 50 Liter, including supply and installation. oil based painting and needed work for a complete job to the

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Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages for a BOQ

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channel for drainage of smoke from the boiler room. pcs. 1 2.8 Dismounting and removal of existing light fuel oil boilers Podvis with capacity of 500 kW.* (cca. 1000 kg) pcs. 2 2.9 Dismounting of existing burners and parts of oil installation in the boiler room.* pcs. 2 2.10 Cutting off existing pipings in the boiler room to


standard form of bidding documents for epc/turnkey contracts single stage-two envelopes (sste) bidding procedure (first edition) july 2010 pakistan engineering council

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this document is available in alternate format upon request . rev. 05 /2020. department of inspections, licenses & permits plumbing services division . 220 south main street . bel air, md 21014. 410-638-3215. 410-638-3216 . plumbing permit application. permit number: application document no. 000343-2020

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tenderer as per the format specified under Section IX in this document. ii) One original and one duplicate copy shall be submitted. It should not have any price aspects. iii) Earnest Money Deposit. iv) Power of Attorney/authorization with the seal of the company of person signing the tender documents. v) Tender document fee Rs.1,000/-.

Introduction to Commercial Building HVAC Systems and

Nov 07, 2012 · Revised MARPOL Annex V sets new regulatory requirements regarding the disposal of garbage from ships and will come into force on 1 January 2013. The new amendments prohibit the disposal of almost all kinds of garbage at sea with the exemption under specific requirements of food waste, animal carcasses, cargo residues contained in wash water and

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ARCAT Specs are complete, accurate, and in the CSI 3-part and the Canadian CSC formats for building and construction professionals. Our building product and material specifications are free to view and download in DOC, RTF or Text. These long-form proprietary CSI and CSC specifications are complete with technical data, astm standards

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Apr 03, 2020 · The bill of quantities sometimes referred to as 'BoQ' or 'BQ' is a document prepared by the cost consultant, often a quantity surveyor, that provides project-specific measured quantities of the items of work identified and respective cost as by the drawings.. A bill of quantities is a document used in tendering in the construction industry in which materials, parts, and labor are itemized.


procurement of id/fd/pa fan spares for unit 3 & unit 4 boiler boq & price bid format sl.no. fans qty material codification material description uom 20 fd fan (faf 26-12.5-1) 146540400019 impeller blade adjustment system - oil return hose pipe(rh) inside assembly ea 2 21 fd fan (faf 26-12.5-1) 146540400020 impeller blade adjustment system - oil


May 24, 2021 · Boiler Plant Mechanical Equipment: 2020-04: 23 51 00: Breechings, Chimneys, and Stacks: 2020-04: 23 52 25: Low-Pressure Water Heating Boilers: 2020-04: 23 52 28: Low-Pressure Steam Boilers: 2020-04: 23 52 33: Water-Tube Boilers: 2020-04: 23 52 39: Fire-Tube Boilers: 2020-12: 23 56 00: Solar Energy Heating System: 2020-03: 23 57 33: Geothermal

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11. Submit the rate statement in the prescribed format (BOQ) given in the tender. Cover-B 12. Submit a list of recommended spare parts along with their individual prices valid for one year, as per clause 3.2, in PDF format in part two of the bid. Cover-B Special Remarks :- The tenderer has to submit all the documents, copy of purchase


Gas, oil or electricity in a furnace to heat air Simple systems usually serve one zone with direct control Complex systems transfer heating and cooling to secondary units Cooling: the refrigerant is in the chiller and chilled water goes to cooling coils Heating: a boiler generates hot water or steam that is piped to heating …

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Bill of Quantities Example (PDF) + Advantages for a BOQ


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