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Sep 04, 2020 · Over 80% of all Irish homes are powered by either oil or gas boilers. For many houses, newer heating solutions are not a feasible option. Homeowners are under no obligation to replace their existing gas boilers. Approximately 20,000 homes are built per year in Ireland and there are over 2 million homes in the country. New homes are being fitted

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Homes across Ireland are fitted with gas boilers and oil boilers. Using fossil fuels to provide heating and hot water has been common for a long time, and over three-quarters of homes in Ireland have either an oil or gas boiler.. When you're considering an oil boiler replacement, you might wonder what your best …

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Hi, I'm in the market for a condensing oil boiler & considering either the Firebird C44 or Grant 36/46 boilers. I've seen recommendations for both on previous posts here on & am wondering which boiler would be the best quality, or more reliable long term?

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Brands. We install grant vortex oil boilers. These boilers are top notch, made in Ireland Birr co. Offaly and a market leader in this sector. Their boilers run at up to 97% efficiency when set up correctly. We never have any problems or complaints with these boilers.

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Grant Multiple Package Solutions. View product. By installing an air source heat pump, high perormance cylinder and effective heat emmitters such as aluminium radiators, fan convectors or underfloor heating a home's heating system can be taken into a new class of efficiency.

2021's Best Oil Boilers [And A Complete Buyer's Guide]

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Oil Boilers. The Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler range comprises of the most efficient and reliable oil fired boilers in Ireland. Our condensing boiler range is available in 63 models with outputs from 12 – 70kW. Depending on the age and make of an old boiler, upgrading an old non-condensing oil boiler to a Grant Vortex condensing oil boiler can help save up to 25% on annual fuel bills.

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The quality of new "A" Rated Gas Boilers available in Ireland varies greatly as do the prices quoted, if the quote seems to good to be true then it most likely is. A poorly installed low quality gas boiler may not only be a great regret but could also be illegally installed.

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May 06, 2020 · Boiler pricing can vary by the size, style, brand, and efficiency. Most boilers in today's market are high efficiency, which is considered above 87% AFUE for oil-fired boilers, and 90% AFUE for gas-fired boilers. Boiler also have minimum efficiency ratings. Gas-fired boilers must be above 82% and oil fired boilers above 84%.

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Mar 07, 2020 · Replacing your boiler with a new energy efficient boiler can greatly reduce the cost of heating your home and save you money each and every year. According to Bord Gais, the average Irish household spends around €727 every year on gas. By changing your boiler…

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Firebird Oil Boilers manufacture a Great value, high quality replacement Condensing Oil boiler. These offer both exceptional build quality and longevity. They are slightly more expensive than their Warmflow counterparts but this is reflected in the overall quality of the built product.

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Alternative Energy Ireland install Grant Engineering condensing gas oil boilers. These boilers have a great reputation and experience of boiler applications in Ireland. Grants have the highest efficiency oil boilers available in the Irish market and also have a full range of SEDBUK "A" rated condensing oil boilers. Get an Instant Estimate Here

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Heat Merchants is Ireland's number one distributer of many leading brands of gas and oil boilers including high efficiency gas boilers from suppliers Baxi, Vokera, Worcester Bosch, Potterton and oil boilers from Firebird Heating Solutions and Grant, in addition to electric and back boilers. New models of boilers are condensing boilers which are highly efficient, using less fuel and having lower operating …

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Using up more energy, an older boiler will eat into your heating costs. The standard boiler lasts for 10-15 years. Anything longer than this amount of time and you run the risk of causing problems for yourself in the long run. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) after 15 years gas boilers efficiency can drop to 60%.

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An annual boiler service is probably best to ensure your boiler is running smoothly. If you notice issues with your system our oil boiler team will be able to: Carry out the appropriate survey on your oil central heating system before starting any repairs. We will inspect all parts of the system to ensure they meet appropriate guidelines.

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For Gas boiler upgrade in Dublin, Meath, Kildare & Louth. Repair of and installation of gas cookers, hobs, gas stoves Ireland and ovens. Replacement gas Boilers, with instant quotes. Alterations and installation of gas Fireplaces. The most up to date and efficient heating designs. The latest in gas leak detection methods and room spillage

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