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Transfer of heat energy from high temperature exhaust gas to water and steam takes place by a waste heat recovery boiler in the bottoming cycle. During the constant pressure process 4-1 the exhaust gases in the gas turbine reject heat. The feed water, wet and super heated steam absorb some of this heat in the process a-b, b-c and c-d.

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EXERGY AND ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF DUAL PRESSURE WASTE HEAT RECOVERY BOILER 1UMIT GUNES, 2ASIM SINAN KARAKURT Abstract-Waste heat recovery systems (WHRS), uses exhaust gas in the boiler, are very important in terms of increasing energy efficiency and reducing green gas emissions. Due to this reason, WHRS get more importance. Although dual pressure

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Exhaust Gas Boiler. Energen 500kgs to 3 TPH. Be it exhaust from Diesel or Gas engine, or from any high temperature exhaust we can harness the haet and make steam which we normally generate by burning fossil fuels. Energen is equipped with auto control of the exhaust gas damper to exactly control the Steam pressure. Its very low back pressure

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Dec 14, 2012 · Damage to Exhaust Gas Boiler Due to Dry Running. December 14, 2012 by Officer of the Watch Leave a Comment. During morning attendance of engine room, a water leak from the exhaust gas boiler was discovered. In order to get to port, the water circulation was shut off, and the instruction manual on "emergency dry running" was followed.

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A.Description: Boiler shall be either natural gas, propane or dual fuel (nat. gas/propane) fired, fully condensing, fire tube design. Power burner shall have full modulation, discharge into a positive or negative pressure vent and the minimum firing rate shall not exceed the following per model

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pressure steam cycles. The data in this paper is presented based on three pressure nonreheat cycles for gas turbines with approximately 1000 F/538 C or lower exhaust temperature, and three pressure reheat steam cycles for ACCs uti-lizing the 6FA, 7EC, 7FA, 9EC, and 9FA gas tur-bines. The latest addition to the GE STAG product

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The vertical RTR unit (upper-right photo) replaced a failed competitor's unit and was constructed to be a replacement fit and offer greater performance. ASME designed at 750 PSIG this RTR is rated for a 150,000 lb/hr steam boiler. With an exhaust gas flow rate of more than 36,000 SCFM, it saves the end user over $450,000 each year in fuel costs.

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number of drums in the boiler. Dual pressure HRSGs Fig 2.The dual pressure heat recovery steam generator with temperature distribution on (Temperature - Enthalpy) diagram. The pressure drop in exhaust gas side and working fluid side are taken into accounts.

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Waste heat recovery systems (WHRS), uses exhaust gas in the boiler, are very important in terms of increasing energy efficiency and reducing green gas emissions. Due to this reason, WHRS get more importance. Although dual pressure WHR boiler is more

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as the exhaust gas boiler and silencer, may be chosen independently. Permissible pressure loss across boiler At specified MCR, the maximum recom-mended pressure loss across the exhaust gas boiler is normally 150 mm WC. This pressure loss depends on the pres-sure loss in the rest of the system, as mentioned above. Therefore, if an ex-

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entering the furnace is at atmospheric pressure which, at sea level, is about 14.7 PSIA (Pounds to the Square Inch Absolute pressure). The hot flue-gases rising out of the furnace are less dense, creating a pressure drop within the heat exchanger. This "gap" is continually being filled by the higher pressure entering air/gas mixture. So, in

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New York Engineers' Dual Fuel Boiler Designs. NY Engineers' dual fuel boiler designs operate on dual fuels with maximum efficiency, efficacy, and sufficiency, and they can operate with LPG, light oil, or natural gas.. With NY Engineers' MEP engineering dual fuel boiler design, you can cut construction costs as we believe that a project's design is the key to affordable yet high-quality

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The Aalborg XW-TG can be arranged in many different configurations, e.g. for a single pressure or dual pressure system, according to each individual requirement for steam and power output. The economizer can be supplied with a dividing wall system for connection of several exhaust gas sources to one boiler.

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If there is a smell of gas, shut down the boiler and obtain immediate assistance from trained service personnel and/or your local fire department. Excess pressure hazard! Possible fire and explosion from excess gas pressure. Make sure that gas inlet pressure does not exceed 14 inches W.C. to the regulator. Fire and explosion hazard!

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