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Nov 13, 2016 · condensate drain fittings pipe. Tomeng New Member. Hi, I've been told by a gas safe engineer that the condensate drain from a combi boiler must only use pipe that has been joined with solvent weld. (I used 22mm barrier pipe and speed-fit elbow, joining into a 40mm waste pipe that has plastic compression fittings).

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Dec 17, 2019 · The heat exchanger of your boiler is broken. The condensate trap and pipe come straight out of the heat exchanger, which means that if it cracks or pinholes, it will cause system or mains water to drain into the condensate pipe. What may lead to the condensate pipe leaking is if the hot water causes the pipe joints to fail somehow.

Condensate piping for Condensing Boilers & Furnaces

A condensate neutralizer is a tank or a vessel, which is installed in line with a condensate drain from a condensing boiler, water heater or furnace (before it enters the sewer). It's filled with media which raises the pH level of the condensate, making it safe to discharge into the sewage or septic system.

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Jan 11, 2017 · On a high efficiency gas appliance condensate may be disposed-of by draining back into a condensate drain for disposal into the building's DWV system. Condensate may also drip out of the exhaust termination but in freezing climates I've found this to be unsafe as ice build-up can block the exhaust. See details at

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Oct 23, 2015 · Furnace and boiler condensate can corrode those pipes. And if the fluid sits in a pipe or a trap and evaporates, it becomes even more concentrated — and more corrosive. Plumbing codes everywhere address that issue. Before you can drain any corrosive liquid …

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The condensate expelled from a condensing boiler is acidic, with a (pH between 3 and 4) about the same as an orange. Condensing boilers require a drainpipe for the condensate produced during operation. This consists of a short length of inexpensive polymer pipe with a vapour trap to prevent exhaust gases from being expelled into the building.


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Aug 13, 2018 · The condensate drains to the bottom of the heat exchanger and runs out of the boiler through a condensate drain. Because this fluid is a byproduct of combustion, it is acidic, typically between 3.2 and 4.0 pH (which is significantly less caustic than lemon juice or soda).

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A condensate pipe's main function is to transfer acidic waste water produced from the boiler's condensing process, safely away and out the property via an external drain. Condensate Pipe …

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installing boiler condensate discharge pipes Only fit an external boiler condensate drain connection if an internal gravity or pumped connection is impractical to install. The pipe work from the boiler should be of a minimum 19mm ID or as per manufacturer's instructions and the condensate discharge pipe …

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The acidic level of the condensate is measured as its pH. Most condensate from natural gas appliances will have a pH of between 2.9 and 4 with 7 being neutral. The actual pH will vary according to the actual chemical makeup of the fuel that is being burned. Condensate contains different types of acids that are corrosive to many materials.

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The boiler now needs to be able to manage this condensate by draining it from the bottom of the heat exchanger and out to the drain in the boiler room. Since the condensate is acidic, it will corrode floor drains and concrete unless it is treated before being sent to drain. In some cases, neutralization treatment is required by code.

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Condensate from condensing boilers is acidic and corrosive to many materials and should be treated to maintain a pH of no less than 5 before disposal. There can be a wide variation of the pH of condensate from condensing appliances due to the chemical make-up of the gas being combusted or from the way in which the appliance is operating in a

Condensate Neutralizers for Condensing Boilers/Heater

a neutralizing system prior to entering the building drain system. Since the condensate drain system of the Hamilton condensing product is directly connected to the positive pressure Combustion Chamber it is also very important that the condensate produced pass through a trap to isolate the combustion chamber from the atmosphere.

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Condensate piping for Condensing Boilers & Furnaces

Is your boiler condensate pipe leaking? Here's what to do!

Condensate Drain Connection > A condensate drain pipe must be connected to the 1/ 2" condensate trap fitting at the bottom of the unit and water must be poured into the exhaust connection to fill the condensate trap. Condensate trap Floor drain Water The end of the 1/2" (NPT) plastic piping should drain into a laundry tub or into a floor drain.

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Feb 19, 2017 · If using a neutralizer before a condensate pump I stick a scrap of 3/8" OD copper in the discharge tube for the same reasons. My first home boiler was a high 80% near condensing cast iron WM Gold GV model. The plastic drain hose was about 6" short of the PVC floor drain. The first years of use eroded/etched the concrete floor, cutting a groove

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Jun 04, 2020 · 70,839. Thanks Received: 4,011. Location: Crossgates. Country: ayebut said: ↑. Hi, I had a boiler installed in my first floor flat and the engineer has left the condensate pipe sticking out of the wall by a few inches - it doesn't connect anywhere. He says it can just drip into the earth below.

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