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The principle: GESAB - HTI Thermal Oil Heaters are built according to DIN 4754 and the classification Societies´ rules for pressure vessels.The forced circulation heaters of vertical or horizontal design are available of outputs of 200-15000kW. Thermal Oil Heaters, with at heating capacity of 800 kW and upward, can use heavy fuel oil burners (viscosity to 700 cSt at 50 C).

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The heat transfer fluid we propose is thermal oil heated by a thermal oil boiler. The most common applications of this technology are for heating tanks of asphalt, bitumen, heavy fuel oil as well as other products. Suction heater technical features: • Power range: 0.1 to 10,000 kW • Maximum allowable pressure: 20 bar. • Test pressure: 30 bar.

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INTRODUCTION T T BOILERS Thermal Oil Heaters (also called Thermal Oil Boilers, Thermal Fluid Boilers, Hot Oil Units or Diathermic Heaters) are developed and designed especially for demanding process heating operations where no compromise on quality are accepted and where reliability is the key word. The heater solutions from TT BOILERS are not characterised by low purchase price - but instead

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Oct 08, 2007 · For a ballpark estimate, a fuel having 180 cSt at 50 o C would have ~300 cSt at 40 o C and ~20 cSt at 100 o C. If you have a visc./temp. chart, and assuming you are far away from the fuel's pour point, an extrapolation to 20 o C would give about 1500 cSt. RE: Heavy Fuel Oil Thermal Prpoerties. 25362 (Chemical) 10 Sep 07 04:21.

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General understanding of Thermal Oil Heater. Thermal oil Is a heat generating device or as a heat conducting machine by using an oil media in a seamless pipe that is designed spiral in the tank. thermal oil heater which is sourced from a fire burner with light oil, hevy oil, natural gas and others. in addition, the thermal oil heater can reach hot temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius or more.

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The fuel oil handling and storage system in a thermal power station covers unloading of the fuel oil, its storage and transfer to the day oil tanks. Heavy Fuel oil (FO/LSHS/HPS) are generally used for the initial startup of the boiler and up to a load of 30% MCR. Fuel oil is

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The given values are for fuels with the given density. The variation in quality may give heating values within a range 5 -10% higher and lower than the given value. Also the solid fuels will have a similar quality variation for the different classes of fuel. 1 Btu (IT)/lb = 2.3278 MJ/t = 2327.8 J/kg = 0.55598 kcal/kg = 0.000646 kWh/kg.

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oil heater KOH. horizontal heavy fuel oil exhaust gas. oil heater. KOH. Horizontal Konutherm Thermal Oil Heater with Weishaupt modulating MGO/HFO burner for heating HFO- fuel bunkers and liquid cargo on vessels. Enforced model for heavy duty Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. See the other products. Konutherm BV.


HH Series. Steam production: 2 t/h - 20 t/h. Power: 1,516 kW - 15,117 kW. Pressure: 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 bar. The HH boiler is one of the highest performing boilers on the market: according to the pressure and fuel, it can reach 91%. Energy savings can reach up to 6% by installing an ATTSU

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Auramarine Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and Marine Gas Oil (MGO) supply units meet critical fuel circulation needs. They ensure that a fuel's condition continuously satisfies engine-specific requirements, taking care of fuel filtering, heating and cooling. Our solutions comprise a standardised configuration and two extensively customisable

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The amount of sulphur in the fuel oil depends mainly on the source of the crude oil and to a lesser extent on the refining process. The normal sulfur content for the residual fuel oil (furnace oil) is in the order of 2-4 %. Typical figures are: Fuel oil Percentage of Sulphur Kerosene 0.05 – 0.2 Diesel Oil …

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Thermal fixation, on the other hand, is the dominant NOx-forming mechanism in units firing distillate oils, primarily because of the negligible nitrogen content in these lighter oils. Because distillate oil-fired boilers are usually smaller and have lower heat release rates, the quantity of

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Boilers with a measurable difference. Alfa Laval boilers offer the market's highest energy efficiency. With a century of expertise to draw upon, we also have the practical and technological depth to advise you on the ideal boiler configuration to lower energy consumption and …


Oil refineries were originally placed near the oil fields, in part because natural gas, which could not then be economically transported long distances, was available to fuel the highly energy-intensive refining process, but since 1950, for strategic reasons crude oil was …

Thermal Oil Heater - for High Temperature Process Heating

Thermal Oil Heater - for High Temperature Process Heating

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Heavy fuel oil is a general term and other names commonly used to describe this range of products include: residual fuel oil, bunker fuel, bunker C, fuel oil No 6, industrial fuel oil, marine fuel oil and black oil. In addition, terms such as heavy fuel oil, medium fuel oil and light fuel oil are used to describe products for industrial


We are in Steam Boiler business from last 33 years. Fuel used for our boilers are having wide range consisting of Furnace Oil, LDO, Heavy Fuel Oil, Biogas, Natural gas and solid fuels like Coal, Wood, Bagasse, Rice Husks etc.

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Dec 30, 2008 · The report gives results of measuring emissions of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from the combustion flue gases of a No. 6 fuel oil, both with and without an emulsifying agent, in a 2.5 million Btu/hr (732 kW) firetube boiler with the purpose of determining the impacts of the emulsifier on HAP emissions. The boiler flue gases were sampled and analyzed for both metal and organic HAPs, and …

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