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Electrical data; Motor type: SIEMENS: IE Efficiency class: IE3: Rated power - P2: 2.2 kW: Mains frequency: 50 Hz: Rated voltage: 3 x 220-240D/380-420Y V

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160 bis 500 Liter Solarspeicher Warmwasserspeicher Elektroboiler Puffer Speicher EUR 450,00: Magnesiumanode Opferanode Stabanode Schutzanode 25x310mm mit M8 Boiler 80-100L; Umschalter Grundheizung für Siemens Boiler SG 1502 mit Halter.

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SITOP lite is the power supply series for basic requirements in the industrial environment, offering all the important functions at a low cost – without compromising quality and reliability. The wide-range input with manual switchover supports connection to a wide range of single-phase supply systems. Select your SITOP lite in the TIA


Siemens has a wide range of IEC low-voltage asynchronous industrial motors from 0.09 KW to 5 MW. IEC motors provide a high reliability and efficiency, are suitable for all industries and applications, meet all standard requirements and fulfill international and local regulations.

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Product. Article Number (Market Facing Number) 3WL1210-4EB35-1AA4. Product Description. withdrawable circuit breaker without guide frame 3-pole, size II, IEC In=1000A to 690V, AC50/60Hz Icu=100kA at 500V rear connection horizontal Overcurrent release ETU 45 LSIN protection adjustable 0.4-1 in with cubicle bus Opt.: Comm. /measuring func./ground

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100L 1.5 2 NEE 1LE1021-1AC42-2FA4 1028.– Siemens D 81.1 • 2011 1 - 4 USA - July 2011. Standard Motors 1LE1. Selection and ordering data with base prices and standard delivery times

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1LE10231AB522FA4 from Siemens at Allied Electronics & Automation. Don't show this to me again and take me directly to the cart

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Siemens Canada Limited Power Product Catalogue. 7. DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS. T3*30015A5RXXM. 15. W/F 4 X 2.5 1 18 447 20 511 18 457 165 75 WD3. T3*30030A5RXXM. 30. W/F 4 X 2.5 2 24 600 22 561 18 457 285 130 WD3. T3*30045A5RXXM. 45. W/F 4 X 2.5 3 26 650 25 635 19 483 345 157 WD3. T3*30075A5RXXM. 75.

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Jun 01, 2021 · Product Description. SIMOTICS GP Motor type: 1AV2105B Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated, IP55 Temperature class 155 (F) according to 130 (B) aluminum housing High Efficiency IE2, In EEA: Minimum efficiency acc. to applicable statutory regulations to be considered! (as of 01.01.2017) 4-pole * Size 100L * 3kW (50 Hz) 3

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Siemens - 1LE10231AB522FA4 - MOTOR,3.0/4.0,4P,400/460VY

100 Liter Kombi-Boiler mit Wärmetauscher. Elektro-Boiler mit Wärmetauscher - 100 Liter. 330,00 EUR ( inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten) Art-Nr.: 06-104700

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Warmwasserspeicher Warmwasserboiler Siemens 100L D Warmwasserboiler Untertischboiler 5 Liter 2kW Stie 120 Liter Warmwasserboiler, Elektroboiler Neptun m Haushaltsgeräte Siemens DO10753 Warmwasserboiler S Warmwasserboiler Haushalt amp; Möbel gebraucht und Sicherheitsgruppe mit Druckminderer f. druckf. War

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1LE10231AB422FA4 from Siemens at Allied Electronics & Automation. Skip to content. USA - ENG. USA - ESP. Canada. Chile - ENG. Chile - ESP. Colombia - ENG. Colombia - ESP 400/460Vy, 100L, B5, Npe. Allied Stock #: 71135849. Mfr's Part #: 1LE10231AB422FA4. $863.600 Each. Quantity added: Don't show this to me again and take me directly to the

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Jun 19, 2021 · Warmwasserspeicher 100l: Warmwasserspeicher 100 Liter-Modelle werden genutzt für das Baden in einem 1-Personen-Haushalt oder das Duschen in einem 4-Personen-Haushalt. Warmwasserspeicher 200l: Warmwasserspeicher mit 200 Litern dienen einer Familie von 5 Personen zum Duschen und Waschen oder dem Baden in einem Haushalt mit 4 Mitgliedern.

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Engineered for demanding applications The SGT-100 industrial gas turbine is a proven unit for all electrical power generation and mechanical drive applications. The compact arrangement, on-site or off-site maintainability, and inherent reliability make it an ideal gas turbine …

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SIEMENS 2.2KW 400V 4P IMB3 100L EFF2 MOTOR. Distributed by Kempston Controls. Kempston Controls is a UK electrical and electronic components distributor, providing fuses, sensors, control components, industrial automation equipment and more. If you would like to discuss any of the parts which you see on our online store, please contact our

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Da Siemens hier nur drei Modelle anbietet - eine 200l-, eine 300l- sowie eine 400l-Ausführung -, lohnt sich gegebenenfalls der Vergleich mit anderen Herstellern. 70er-Jahre-Flair bei Siemens Tatsächlich hat auch Siemens noch ein Kochendwassergerät wie in alten Zeiten als heißen Tipp im Sortiment: Das Modell Siemens BK20100 benötigt 9

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Der Allrounder mit erhöhtem Komfort - für optimale Warmwasserversorgung. 100 Liter, geschlossen (druckfest) und offen (drucklos), zur Versorgung einer oder mehrerer Zapfstellen, als Einkreis-, Zweikreis- oder Boilerausführung einsetzbar. Hochwirksame …

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Jun 01, 2021 · 6AG1101-1BB00-4AA3. Product Description. SIPLUS NET SCALANCE X101-1 for medial exposure based on 6GK5101-1BB00-2AA3. Product family. SIPLUS SCALANCE X-100 unmanaged / media converter. Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM300:Active Product. Price data.

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