The club was founded in 1927 and held its first AGM on December 16th 1927 with 8 members present at the Rendezvous cafe in Shirley, which is now "Big Johns Fish Restaurant".  There were dozens of cycling clubs in and around Birmingham at that time, now sadly, far fewer due in large measure to the coming of the motor car. However our club is still alive and kicking.

In early 1930 the club moved to Berry cottage, Four Ashes road, Bentley Heath, and held its third AGM there with 20 members present amongst whom was Bill Gameson a well known high class local bicycle frame builder. The club has from its inception been a time trialling club and has acquired over the years a glittering array of cups, trophies and plates honouring men and woman time trialists from 10 miles to 12 hours. The oldest trophy is the Club Championship Cup run over 25,50 and 100 miles with the best average mph calculated on the "Best All-Rounder System". It was first awarded in 1928 and has been awarded every year except for the war years and 1996 and 2006.

The club has promoted its Classic Open 50 since 1946 when club members subscribed to the purchase of the magnificent trophy which carries many illustrious names, amongst them are many past R.T.T.C "Best All-Rounders" such as K.Joy (Medway Wheelers), A.Derbyshire (Calleva R.C.), V.Denson (Chester R. C.).

Our own Dave Whitehouse has won the Open 50 seven times, the most by far of any competitor and was the first winner to beat 2 hours for the event with 1.59.58. He broke the national "50" mile record in 1969 with 1.47.38 and was R.T.T.C. 50 mile champion in 1970. He also won the Campagnolo Trophy with the highest ever number of points in 1973. The club was initially only open to men but then in 1933 it was agreed at a Special G.M that member’s lady friends will be allowed on club runs and eventually in 1937 they were welcomed as full members by that year’s A.G.M, although it must be said, not unanimously.